Twin Trouble!

Jared and Riley have managed to get into a lot of trouble in their short life. They have dumped a full can of comet all over the floor, they have poured syrup all over the stairs and all over the living room table, carpet and entry-way floor, they have dumped hundreds of my CD’s on the floor and mixed up all the discs and holders, they have climbed up the outside of the stair railing to stand on the entry-way table, they have climbed up on the dinning room table and grabbed onto the chandelier. If I take my eyes off of them for more than 2 minutes, they find something to get into! I can’t even go to the bathroom without them getting into trouble! Today they managed to get the fire extinguisher out of the supposedly locked cabinet (locked with “child proof locks” ), somehow got the safety ring off of it and sprayed it all over the den. All of this happened while I was out of the room for less than 2 minutes.

Of course, while I was cleaning up that mess, they managed to get into the pantry, open a box of pop-tarts, rip open a package and grind pop-tart pieces into the floor in the kitchen. While I’m cleaning that up, they are ripping to pieces magazines in the den.

This was all before 10 am this morning. Thank goodness there was a twins club playday at a park I could go to at 10:30! I think getting us all out of the house may just have saved my sanity.