3 Months Old

It’s hard to believe that Falyn is three months old already. She has grown so much in the last few weeks. She is already fitting into some of her 6 months sized outfits. She is very alert now and loves to observe what is going on around her. She is starting to figure out how to grasp at objects and get the into her mouth. She sit all by herself for 6 whole seconds yesterday. She loves “talking” to you and will hold long conversations gooing back and forth with you. She is getting better in the car, but will still sometimes scream when I have to stop at redlights. If I hit to many or get stuck for too long at one, she will end up screaming the entire rest of the way home. She sleeps through the night pretty much all the time now. And all in all, she is such a sweet, adorable, cute, cuddly baby!!! We so much love having her.

Finished Falyn’s Blanket and Taggie!

My friend Lisa gave me instructions on how make this cute “taggie” blanket for Falyn. I used the same material that I used for her no-sew fleece blanket. Falyn loves them both! It was so hard finding time to get it sewed with all the kids around. I finally had to get Dan to hold Falyn last night so I could finish sewing it.