Bad shower day

My morning shower is a very important part of my day. It is the only time I get to be alone all day. It is my one point of solitude each day that I very much need to keep my sanity. As an introverted leaning person, I need this alone time to decompress and mental get ready for the day. This morning, my shower was anything but peaceful. First Kayli barges into the bathroom to inform me that Talia has opened up a luncheable to take out the candy for her snack at school today. (Talia knows she isn’t suppose to have candy for snack!) I told Kayli to tell Talia to put it back. A few minutes later I hear Aidan in the bathroom telling me that I told him to remind me that he is bringing snack to school on Monday. Yes I did tell him to remind me, but didn’t mean to remind me while I was taking a shower. I tell him to remind Daddy tomorrow when he goes to Costco to pick up the stuff for him to being for snack. A few minutes later, Kayli is back to inform me that she can’t find Talia to tell her not to take the candy, At this point I’m getting rather exasperated and tell her that I am in the shower and can’t go find Talia for her right now and why can’t see go talk to daddy about this? Yes, Dan was awake and dressed and somewhere in the house, but still the kids had to come all the way upstairs through my bedroom and into my shower to talk to me about this “urgent” problems. I could lock the bathroom door. But then I would end up with kids pounding on the door and yelling for me to unlock it. Which would be an even bigger disruption to my attempt at having a peaceful shower.