Why is it that things always happen when I’m nursing the baby?

I was nursing Falyn downstairs this afternoon when I hear an “I’m hurt” type scream coming from Aidan upstairs. He continues to scream while coming down the stairs and I ask him what happened. He tells me that John Paul kicked him in the nose. I look over and see blood pouring out of his nose. That sure got my attention! I unlatch the baby and put her down and rush Aidan into the bathroom. I grab some toilet paper and have him hold it on his nose. Then I yell upstairs to John Paul to tell him that he has to go home. I have never had blood pouring out of any of my kids noses like that before. I quicky googled what to do for a bloody nose and find out that moist cotton balls held in the nostrils works well. So I run upstairs and grab the cotton balls, run back downstairs, get them wet and apply them to Aidan’s nostrils. This, combined with light pressure on the outside of the nose, eventually gets the blood to stop pouring out. I then had to clean the blood up off the tile. Which is when John Paul and his dad show up at the front door to have John Paul tell Aidan he was sorry. This whole time the baby is crying because she still wants to eat. Twenty minutes after the first scream, I’m finally able to get back to feeding the baby.