Dinner with Miss McKinley

The kids that read over 150 books this school year got to go to dinner at Miss McKinley’s house. 17 kids out of the 36 in the class met that goal. She spread the students out over three nights. Kayli went on the third night. The evening started out with a game of Jenga. Then Miss McKinley brought out her bird Mercy. The kids all enjoyed playing with the bird. Next we had pizza, chips and fruit. After dinner the kids played Chinese Checkers. The girls played against each other in one game and the boys played against each other in another game. The girls took the game very seriously and were very competitive. The boys were making designs and patterns with their marbles instead of trying to win the game. Kayli’s team ended up winning the girls game. All the kids had a great time and it was so nice of Miss McKinley to open up her home to them.