Can’t even figure out how they did this one!

At some point during the day, I remember one of the twins telling me that the other “broke our door”. I can’t remember which twin it was because at the time Falyn was screaming and I was trying to calm her down. They were upstairs in their room and I was downstairs. I was trying to ask them what door, the closet door? The closet doors often come off the track, so I assumed this was what they were talking about. I decided that it must be the closet doors and that Dan could take care of it when he got home. I then forgot all about it.

Fast-forward to tonight at bedtime. Dan goes to put the twins in bed and discovers that the door knob of their door has been broken totally off. Jared tells him he “fixed it”. He had put the screws back in the handle and placed it in his bed. How in the world did two 3 year olds with no tools manage to rip off the door knob???? I couldn’t help but laugh about it. What in the world will they do next? Dan says we should just pad their entire room and take everything out of it so they can’t do any more damage to it.

Welcome to my new home!

I’ve spent most of the day setting up my blog on my new domain. I like this wordpress interface much better than the blogger one. I’m not totally done configuring it yet. I still need to go back and categorize all my other posts. And I want to fill out the about page too. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! The baby just woke up so, I’ll have to stop here.