Last Day of School

The school year ended today for Talia and Kayli. It has been a great year for both of them. Talia again made the honor roll, continuing her perfect record of being on it since 4th grade when they start giving out letter grades at her school. Kayli also had an excellent report card with lots of “O”s. These pictures are of them with their best friends in their classes. It was taken yesterday at the end of the year Field Day.

Last Day of Speech Class

The twins have now graduated from speech class. We had their final IEP last week and they had their last class this morning.

They have come so far in the last two years. Back then they spoke only a handful of words. Now their speech is at age level and understandable to most people.

Ms Karen did a great job with them this year. They had lots of fun in her class and will miss not going there anymore. I’m sure glad not to have to take them there every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8:15 anymore!