Challenge Mother /Daughter Day

Today was the annual mother/daughter day for Challenge. This was the first time we have attended. Girls can join the group when they turn 10, so Kayli is still too young for it. I did take Falyn with me since it went from 11:00 – 3:00. Since she is still exclusively nursing, I couldn’t leave her that long. They told me it would be fine to bring her along, even though she wasn’t yet 10. 🙂 I had her in the sling most of the time and she stayed pretty happy. Everyone thought she was so cute.

The day started with the attendies being broken up into three different groups: the angels, the apostles and the martyrs. Each group had to make up a cheer. We were in the apostles group. We made up a cheer to the tune of the We Will Rock You song. Ours was by far the best cheer. Miss Talia, the poet, helped make up the lyrics. We then played some games and had lunch. After lunch, the girls had a speaker and the moms had a speaker. Then the moms had some time alone with their daughters. We finished up by praying the Rosary. Talia led the second decade. I’m so proud of her for not being afraid to do that. Some of the other girls wouldn’t be a leader.

All in all, we had a good time at the event. I was reluctant to go at first since I had to bring Falyn along. But, I’m glad I went and we will certainly go again next year.