How Cute is This?

While I was eating lunch, Falyn was playing in the exersaucer. I went outside to help Riley get his bike out of the garage and came back in to find her asleep. I moved her to the crib right after taking the pictures.

You can see more pics of her sleeping in the exersaucer here.

Huge Sunflower Plant

This is a picture of the huge sunflower plant in our backyard. I put Talia and Falyn in front of it so you could tell how big it is. We didn’t plant this, it just started growing on it’s own a few months ago. The seed for it probably came from sunflowers we had planted last year. I can’t believe how huge it is! You can see a slideshow of some more pictures of the sunflower (along with some other flowers from my yard) here.

Falyn’s Four Month Check-Up

Falyn had her four month check up yesterday. The appointment got off to a rough start. On the way up to the doctor’s office, Falyn pooped. It was a huge poop and it got all over her clothes and on mine too. I had extra clothes for her, but none for me. I was able to wash it off my clothes in the bathroom, but then had a very wet shirt on. Since I was mostly holding Falyn anyway, you really couldn’t tell. Luckily, it did dry pretty quickly.

Falyn was 14 pounds and 24 1/2 inches long. Those numbers put her at the 50th percentile for both weight and length. She would have been 6-8 ounces heavier if they had weighed her before that huge poop! I get that she is 25-26 inches long when I measure her. For comparasion, here’s the weight and length of all her siblings at this age:

Talia 17 lbs 5 oz 26 ”
Kayli (5 mo.) 15 lbs 10 oz 25 3/4 ”
Aidan 12 lbs 11 oz 24 ”
Jared 11 lbs 15 oz 24 3/4 ”
Riley 11 lbs 14 oz 24 1/2 ”

The doctor said she is doing great and I could start her on cereal if I want. I don’t think she is ready, so I plan to wait until I see signs that she is ready to start solids. The doctor said that was fine to wait till she was older.

Falyn got four shots which made her very cranky last night. The nurse did give me some infant tylenol to give her that seemed to help a bit.

Talia also had a check-up today. Her 11 year check-up. She is doing just fine and is in the 50th percentile for height and 60th percentile for weight. Her hearing and vision are all both great. They also checked her blood pressure, which was in the normal range.