Quote of the Day

“Quick! Let’s hide!” – pretty sure it was Riley that said it.

(Be sure to read the comment to see why he said this!)

$250 to be in the show?!?!?!

Talia and Kayli started a hip-hop class yesterday. After the class, the teacher talked with the “new parents” about the show. They are talking the class through the city. It is at a dance studio very near where we live. The students who sign up through the city end up joining an on-going class at the studio. This class is doing a show at the end of the month. To be in the show you have to buy two program ads per student ($25 per ad), buy 5 tickets per student ($10 a ticket) and buy a tank top “costume” for them to wear at the show ($25 each). It all ads up to $250 if I want them both to do the show. I didn’t even have to think about it. The girls will have had 4 classes before this show. It is completely ridiculous to pay that much money so they can be in a show. The girls thought it was crazy to have to pay that much to do the show too, so they aren’t upset about. They do like the hip-hop class though!