First Full Day Back at School

Today is the first full day back at school for Aidan, Talia and Kayli. We are all slowly adjusting to the new routine. Today was the first day I brought all of the kids with me to drop off. Aidan was excited about having snack at school today. It will also be his first day having recess. (The kindergarteners don’t have snack or recess on half days.) I will have to pick Aidan up at 11:05 am and the girls up at 2:45 pm. We then have to go to an orientation for the twins preschool at 3:00 pm. They will start preschool tomorrow. That last for an hour, then the girls have to hip-hop class from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm and I have to go to a parent safety meeting, required for anyone that volunteers at the school, at 7 pm. Sometime in there I have to fit in dinner and feeding the baby. This morning I have to get some girl scout stuff done and get a couple of store orders packed. So, it is going to be a busy day, so I better get started!