Talia Made the Softball Team!

Congratulations Talia on making the school softball team!!! We are so proud of you. There were 22 girls trying out for 12 positions, so making the team wasn’t easy. I know that you will work hard at practice and help make this a great year for you team.

How Crazy is This?

Yesterday Dan went to pick up the plans from the building department at they city. They would not give him the plans because we have to pay a “sewer addition fee”. Apparently this is due to us adding bedrooms to our house. So, Dan drove over to the sanitation district office to pay the fee. They told him that they could not give him an amount without the plans. So, he had to drive back over to the city and ask to “borrow” the plans to give to the sanitiation district so he could pay the fee and then bring the plans back and have them give them to him. The plans are now with the sanitation district so that they can analyize them and get back to us on how much money we have to pay them.