Report Card Time!

Talia, Kayli and Aidan got their report cards for last trimester today. I couldn’t be more proud of them! Talia and Kayli both got straight A’s! Aidan got all “S’s” with a lot of “+’s”. This is the eighth straight trimester that Talia has made the honor roll. Way to go Talia!!!

Softball Games Started

Talia’s softwball team had their first two games this week. Unfortunately the lost both games. But, Talia said she had fun playing anyway. She got a hit at both games, but got out before she made it to first. She did advance runners both times though.

Falyn and Her Phone

Falyn is so cute with her phone. She will hold it up to her forehead and say “Hello” and “Hi”. She does this over and over again. She’ll also do it with other small items that are around the same size, like a computer mouse.