End of Day 3

It doesn’t look much different from the outside, but progress was made today. They plumber put in a drain to the sewer line. This pipe will eventually be inside the garage wall.

They also worked on assembling the steel in the trench in the garage. Once they finish this, it will have to be inspected before the concrete can be poured.

Start of Day 3

This is the start of day 3 of our construction. I am only going to count days where work was actually done. There was no work on the house yesterday because they had to order steel. The steel goes into a trench in the garage that was created by all the jackhammering two days ago. After they get all the steel in place they will pour concrete over it. Not just any concrete mind you, some sort of special grade concrete that has to be tested to make sure it is the right grade by a city inspector when it is poured. (Yes, this means it is very expensive concrete.)

Here’s a picture of the steel they will be putting into the trench.

Here’s a picture of the trench.

Because of all the structural work going on in the garage. They had to add extra bracing to keep it from falling down. This bracing is right by the front door and the screen door can only open a little bit before hitting it. I can barely fit through the space while holding Falyn. Talia has to turn her backpack sideways to get it out the door. Here’s a picture of it.