Day 5

It looks the same from the outside, so I won’t post that pictures Instead, I’ll show you what they did today. They completed the forms for the concrete over the trench in the garage. Here’s what it looked like when they finished.

Tomorrow an inspector will come by to look at it and if he signs off on everything, they will pour concrete on Wednesday.

Here’s another view taken from the corner with my feet in the shot to give you an idea of the scale of this trench.

Today they determined that they will have to replace this beam:

This image shows you where that beam is located on the house:

They have to run the changes by the city and get the approvals before they can replace it.

Start of Day 5

I took some pictures of the steel in the trench this morning when the workers got here.

They plan to finish up on the trech work today and have it inspected tomorrow. The concrete pour is scheduled for Wednesday.

Our Easter

We had a great Easter. We spent the morning at home after attending church. I took some pictures of the kids out front. Here’s my favorite ones of the boys and the girls.

In the afternoon we went over to Dan’s parent’s house. Pam, Lawrence, Eric and Samantha were also there. The kids did an Easter egg hunt there and ended up with way too much candy.