Gorgeous Sunset

Tonight’s sunset was very stunning. When Aidan say it, he told me that I had to take a picture of it. So I did.

Aidan’s End of the Year Kindergarten Picnic

Aidan had his end of the year kindergarten picnic today. Both the AM and PM classes were together at this picnic. This was the first time all the classes were together for an activity. They did a bunch of fun activities and had a pizza lunch. All the kids had a great time.

The kids have all grown so much this year! Here’s the class at the beginning of the year.

Ouch! My toe!

I hit my toe on the metal step stool in the kitchen yesterday. It hurt so badly! I think it is likely broken, but have no intention of going to a doctor to get it checked out. There is nothing they can do about about a broken toe anyway. Hopefully it will feel better quickly.