First Soccer Weekend of the Fall

Aidan had the first game of the day at 10 am. Dan was the referee for his game. His team won 7 to 0. He said he had a lot of fun during the game and can’t wait for next week’s game.

Kayli’s game was next at 10:30 am. Since she had to be there at 10 am, I wasn’t able to attend Aidan’s game. Kayli’s team won 4 to 1. Kayli scored one of the goals! This picture was taken right before she scored the goal.

The twins game was at 2:00 pm. Dan was the referr for their game too. They had lots of fun and did a pretty good job of paying attention during the game. They don’t keep score in U6. Jared and Riley both had a great time and keep asking when they get to play again.