A Visit to Oak Glen

We spent the day in Oak Glen. We drove up this morning after church. The drive up was a bit harrowing. The winds were blowing so hard that it was pushing the car. At times, the dust was so thick you could barely see the car in front of you. We we got there, we had a picnic lunch in Oak Knolls Park. After the lunch, the kids went on a hike with Daddy. I stayed with Falyn and Samantha. I had fun chasing Falyn around trying to get pictures of her. She found a tree that had a hole at the bottom of it that was filled with acorns. She preceded to pick up all the acorns she could find and put the in that tree.

Here she is putting acorns in the tree.

Here she is with an acorn in her hand.

This is my favorite of the pictures I took of her.

After the kids and Dan came back from their walk, we went over to the U-Pick area and pick apples. The kids had so much fun! Even Falyn go in on the apple picking.

After we finished picking apples, we went to the store and got a gallon of apple cider, a fresh baked apple pie, and cinnamon apple syrup to bring back home with us.

Luckily, while we were at Oak Glen, the winds were not blow hard. They were still high winds on the drive back though. We even drove by an area where we saw a fire starting. We later learned it was the Santiago Canyon fire that we saw.