Jared and Riley’s Fire Pictures

With all the fires going on this week, the twins wanted to do pictures of the firefighters working to put out the fires. These are the pictures they drew this morning during Mommy School. (I’ve been doing “Mommy School” every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 10 am with the twins to work on their writing and phonics.)

Crown Trouble Take Three

I went to the dentist to get the new crown put on this morning. I guess it should come as no surprise that this one cracked in exactly the same spot. My dentist said he has never seen this happen before. They called the lab guy to come over and look at it. He seemed equally mystified and declared that he would fix it and took off with the crown. My dentist isn’t holding out a lot of hope that the next one won’t crack too. I have the other cracked crown back on and still hoping it holds out till I get a non-cracked crown.

Smoke and Ash

This was the sight from my backyard this morning. There was an eerie orange glow over everything outside this morning. Thank goodness the winds have finally died down. Now maybe the air will start to clear up.

This is the glass table in my backyard. Everything is covered in ash from the fires. Luckily, we are in no danger from the fires, but we are suffering the effects of the ash. The kids are going stir crazy from not being allowed to play outside. The schools are keeping the kids inside all day and I haven’t been letting them play outside either. All their soccer practices have been canceled this week too. Hopefully the air quality will be back to normal by Saturday so they can play their games.

This shows the ash on my car. Without the wind, the ash is just raining down on everything!