Riley’s Hurt Finger

John Paul stepped on Riley’s finger while wearing his baseball cleats last Saturday. I was at a Girl Scout Cookie Booth sale with Kayli at the time and Dan was home with the kids. This picture was taken last night (wed), which means it happened four days ago. The doctor said it would heal just fine with or without stitches. We have to keep it bandaged and clean it each night with hydrogen-peroxide. Last night was the first night there was no blood on the bandage. It is slowly getting better and will eventually heal.

I am a bit miffed that he was allowed to go play with his cleats on. I certainly would not have allowed my kid to play outside with his cleats on. I told the twins they can’t play with John Paul until Riley’s finger has healed.

Sorry for the quality of the picture. It was taken in the bathroom last night while we were cleaning it. You ever try to get a 5 year old to hold his finger still so you could take a picture of it? This one was the best of the bunch.