A Visit to the OC Fair

We had a great time at the fair today. Dan’s parents came with us and we stayed there all afternoon. We visited the petting zoo, the OC Building, the farm, the garden, the photography building, craft building and finished up with a ride. Here’s some of the pictures from our day.

Falyn loved the animals in the petting zoo.

The other kids liked it too, but Riley hated the smell. Note how he is holding his nose in this picure.

Dan showed the boys how to do their name in morris code at the amateur radio booth.

The kids all enjoyed taking pictures at the firefighters, sheriff and CHP booths.

Taking a rest in the garden.

Having fun on the rides.

Quote of the Day

This evening Riley asked me, “Mommy, why did you tell me there was going to be an earthquake?” I guess he thought I had gotten prior notice that there was going to be an earthquake and was mad I didn’t tell him about it. I explained that I didn’t know there was going to be an earthquake either and that know one knows when earthquakes are going to happen. He didn’t seem too satisfied by my answer and was a bit skeptical that I wasn’t aware there was going to be an earthquake in advance.

Tye-Dyed Earthquake Day

We had our annual Tye-Dye Day today. We had been busy tye-dyeing for a while and Falyn was inside having lunch when an earthquake hit! It was a big enough jolt that I ran in the house and grabbed Falyn and ran back out. It was still shaking when I got back outside with her. The kids were all shaken up and I made them all stay outside tilll we were sure it was a pre-shock for an even bigger quake. I had some stuff fall over in the garage, but it doesn’t appear we have any damages. The earthquake was a 5.4 located in Chino Hills.

Other than the earthquake the tye-dye day was a big success! Here’s some of the pictures of the fun.

Falyn working on her shirt.

Jared working on his shirt.

Riley working on his shirt.

Aidan working on his shirt.

Kayli working on her shirt.

Talia working on her shirt.

Splash Pad Crash

I took the kids to try out the new splash pad at a local park. It is a really fun place with lots of colorful and wet stuff to play in. While there, Aidan ran head-on into another boy. The boy he ran into is one of the twins of a women I know from the Mother’s of Multiples club I belong too. Luckily, the other boy was fine. I didn’t see it happen, but did hear him crying. He ran over to me and I started looking at his head asking him what happened. About that same time, blood started pouring out of his head. I sent Talia to the restroom to get toilet paper so I could stop the bleeding. Once I was able to get it to stop bleeding I got a good look at the cut. It looked to me to be deep enough and wide enough to need dermabond to glue it back together. I called the doctor’s office and they said to bring him right in. I then called Dan and had him come take the other kids home so I could take Aidan to the doctor. The took us right back and the doctor said that it definitely needed to be glued. The doctor said it will take about a week or so to heal and to keep a waterproof band-aid on it when he goes swimming. Here’s pictures of the dermabonded injury and one with the band-aid Aidan picked out.

Despite his injury, Aidan said he had a good time at the splash pad. All the other kids said they had a great time and I promised to take them back sometime next week. Here’s some pictures of the kids having fun there:

Vacation Bible School

This week was VBS week. This years theme was “Rainforest Adventure”. They do crafts, sing songs, play games and listen to bible stories. This is the first year that the twins were old enough to attend. They were so excited to be able to go and have had a blast all week! Aidan and Kayli also attended and Talia was a leader. All three of them had a great time this week. That left me home with Falyn all morning each day this week. I had planned to work on potty training her this week, but she ended up getting sick and that plan went out the window.

Here’s some pictures from the closing ceremony:

Slip-N-Slide Fun

Yesterday we brought out both slip-n-slides, set them up side by side and let the kids play. They had so much fun! Here’s some pictures of them playing.

Falyn’s First Movie

I took all the kids to see WALL•E today. This was the first time Falyn has been to see a movie. She did really well. Since it was her nap time, I thought she might fall asleep during the movie, but she didn’t. She started off in Talia’s lap, then moved to mine, then back to Talia, then over to Kayli and ended up sharing a seat with Riley.

We all liked the movie. But the twins said it was a bit scary at parts.

“I’m coloring the k”

Falyn was coloring in her princess sticker book when she told me, “I’m coloring the k”. She then pointed to the “k” and said, “See, there is a k right there.” I looked and sure enough, there was a “k” in the word “book” that she was coloring. I pointed to the “oo”s and asked her what letter they were and she said, “Those are o’s”. I guess she has been picking up letters from her older siblings.