Quote of the Day

This evening Riley asked me, “Mommy, why did you tell me there was going to be an earthquake?” I guess he thought I had gotten prior notice that there was going to be an earthquake and was mad I didn’t tell him about it. I explained that I didn’t know there was going to be an earthquake either and that know one knows when earthquakes are going to happen. He didn’t seem too satisfied by my answer and was a bit skeptical that I wasn’t aware there was going to be an earthquake in advance.

Tye-Dyed Earthquake Day

We had our annual Tye-Dye Day today. We had been busy tye-dyeing for a while and Falyn was inside having lunch when an earthquake hit! It was a big enough jolt that I ran in the house and grabbed Falyn and ran back out. It was still shaking when I got back outside with her. The kids were all shaken up and I made them all stay outside tilll we were sure it was a pre-shock for an even bigger quake. I had some stuff fall over in the garage, but it doesn’t appear we have any damages. The earthquake was a 5.4 located in Chino Hills.

Other than the earthquake the tye-dye day was a big success! Here’s some of the pictures of the fun.

Falyn working on her shirt.

Jared working on his shirt.

Riley working on his shirt.

Aidan working on his shirt.

Kayli working on her shirt.

Talia working on her shirt.