Unscheduled Dentist Appointment Puts Damper on Birthday

Taking all the kids to the dentist is about the last thing I wanted to do on my birthday. Falyn fell last night and hit her top two teeth pretty badly. I had iTunes playing the Christmas music set and “I Want Hippopotamus for Christmas” started playing. The twins started acting like Hippos and Falyn decided she would “ride” Riley. Riley didn’t like it and bucked her off and she fell face first onto her wooden shape sorter box. It bleed for about 20 minutes. We put ice on it till it stopped bleeding. This morning I called the dentist office and was told to bring her in. The only appointment time I could get was at 3 pm, right after I picked all the other kids up from school. Falyn was so good at the dentist’s office. She sat still, with the X-ray thingie in her mouth bitting down on it just perfectly. She did get bribed with a sticker to do it though. The dentist looked at the X-ray and said that the root did not break. He told me to call him if the teeth start to discolor and to bring her back in 4 weeks. The gums above the teeth are very swollen and bruised and the teeth are now loose. Hopefully it will all heal and she will be fine. I told the other kids they need to be extra careful with Falyn till it gets healed. Those teeth can’t take anymore trauma for a while.

Other than that, I had a nice birthday. I got the Sim Create Wii game I had wanted, a pink razr cell phone, “The Host” book, and a organizing calender set for next year. My parents got me chargers for my iTouch and Dan’s parents got me a new bigger crock-pot. I got my hair cut this morning and then bought myself a new purse. Dan baked me a cake and got Pei-Wei take out for dinner.