Christmas Eve 2008

After a busy evening, everyone is all tucked in their beds sound asleep dreaming about tomorrow morning. We started off our Christmas Eve traditions after dinner with the kids sprinkling reindeer food outside for Santa’s Reindeer. Then we had a fire and let the kids open one present. They each got a new set of jammies, which they all loved. The boys especially liked theirs because they light up. After opening their presents, the kids wrote letters to Santa which they put in the fire. Did you know that letters burned in fires on Christmas Eve go directly to Santa? After that Talia read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Dan then read the Christmas story from the Bible. We finished up the evening with Dan playing Christmas carols on his guitar and the rest of us singing. We periodically checked in with Norad tracks Santa to see how close Santa was getting to us. Once the kids saw he was in Flordia, they quickly headed off to bed. They did not want to be awake when Santa arrived in town and have him skip our house!