Seal Beach Tax Day T.E.A. Party

Today we attended the Seal Beach Tax Day T.E.A. Party. T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already. There were around 1500 of these held today all across the country to protest the ever increasing tax burden placed upon the citizens of this great country, brought about by the out of control spending of the government. Since the kids had the week off for Easter Break, we thought this would be a great event to take them too so they could see the political process in action. We got there a bit early to make sure we would be able to find a parking place. I thought there would be maybe a hundred or so people showing up. Boy was I wrong! The Seal Beach Police estimated that the crowd totaled approximately 750 people. I think that it speaks volumes that you had that many people show up two weeks after someone stepped up to organize the event. (Great job Judy Wiles in organizing it!) It really shows you how much people are fed up with the governments tax and spend mentality.

The demonstration started off at the Seal Beach City Hall. We listened to several speakers there and then walked over to the pier, where some other people spoke. The demonstration ended with a march over to PCH where people stood on the side of the rode waving their signs. All the people that attended were nice and orderly, following all the directions of the police officers and organizers. With that many people in one place, you would thing that a mess would be left, however, I did not see one single piece of trash left anywhere by the people participating in the protest.

Yesterday, Talia and Kayli had fun making signs for us to bring. Their signs were a big hit with everyone at the protest. Especially this one that they made for Falyn.

Numerous people stopped and asked me if they could take a picture of Falyn with the sign.

Here’s a picture of all the kids with their signs.

Aidan with his sign.

Jared and Riley with their sign.

Here’s me with the sign the Talia made for me. It says “Soccer Moms thing the government needs a timeout”.

Here’s Judy Wiles, the lady that organized the event. It is people like her that really epitomize this movement. She got an email two weeks ago about these T.E.A. Parties and took it upon herself to organize one. She thought it would end up being just her and few of her friends and was thrilled that so many people showed up.

Here’s an assortment of other pictures for today.

This video contains highlights from the Seal Beach Tax Day T.E.A. Party.