Falyn’s First Day in the Purple Room

Falyn had her first day of preschool today. This year she is in the purple room. She is thrilled to be in the purple room because she loves the color purple. This year she gets to stay for lunch. We packed her Tinkerbell lunch pail with all her favorite lunch items: juice box, cheese sandwich and rainbow goldfish.

She was so excited to she her friend Samantha. Samantha was in her class last year and Falyn was thrilled to learn she is in her class again this year. There are several other girls alo in her class this year that where in her class last year.

Falyn did really well at drop off. She lined up with the other kids, I gave her a hug and a kiss and she marched off to class all by herself. There are several kids in her class that have never been in preschool before. A lot of them were having a rough day, crying and clinging to their moms. I was happy to see that Falyn didn’t have a hard time with me leaving this year.

Here’s some more pics: