Falyn Has Fifth Disease

While giving Falyn a bad this evening, I realized that the rash she has is Fifth Disease. I had Fifth Disease four years ago and will never forget the experience. When adults get it they suffer from swollen joints with lots of pain making it very hard to move at all. It lasted for weeks and is the worst I have ever felt in my entire life. When kids get it, they barely realize they are sick. With kids, it starts with a red cheeks that last a few days. They then get a rash on their torso and arms. It goes away after about a week. (All the other kids had it four years ago when I got sick.)

Falyn didn’t have a fever or act at all sick. I thought that her cheeks had been sunburned while were at White Sands and didn’t think much else about it. She started getting a rash a few days ago that I attributed to the dry air in El Paso and her sensitive skin. There is no mistaking the rash now for anything but Fifth Disease. Now that it has spread over her chest, back and arm I know exactly what it is. She said that the rash doesn’t itch and now that she has a rash she isn’t contagious. I’m sure the rash will go away in a few days. I’m glad she got it now as a child and doesn’t have to worry about every having it as an adult.

Headed Home

We had a great time in El Paso, but the kids have school on Monday, so we have to get back home. We left at 8:30 pm and drove all night. Arriving back home at 8:00 am the next morning. We only made three brief stops, so made great time. It took only 12 1/2 hours to get home versus the 14 hours it took to get there. We were all sad to leave, but happy to arrive back home.

Western Playland

We had so much fun at Western Playland today. The kids loved all the rides. Falyn was too short to go on most of the rides, but had fun in the kiddie ride section. The boys enjoyed the Tsunami ride which dumped a bunch of water on you and helped you cool off on what was a very hot day. All the kids but Falyn went on the big roller-coaster and loved it. Here’s some pictures of the fun.