Falyn’s Preschool End of the Year Picnic

Falyn’s preschool had their annual end of the year picnic today. The highlight of the day was the magic show. Falyn loved it! It was also one last time to play with friends from her class and say goodbye to her teachers. She has had a great year in the Purple room and loved her teachers Miss Gail and Miss Nina. She already asking when she gets to go back to school.

With her friend Abby.

The Twins and Their DS’s

The twins got their DS’s for Christmas. They love playing on them and usually will play on them at the same time. They are absolutely obsessed with making sure their DS’s charge exactly the same amount. They coordinate plugging them in to charge and unplugging them as well. It is so funny to watch them. I’ve seen them grab their DS, look at each other, say “Ready? Unplug!” and then simultaneously unplug their DS. They go through the same routine when plugging them in. If one of them has his DS charging when the other’s isn’t charging, I’ve seen them get mad at each other about it.