Girl Scout Thinking Day

Today was International Girl Scout Thinking Day. This year’s theme was: girls worldwide say “empowering girls will change our world”. My Girl Scout Troop was responsible for planning the event. They all worked very hard putting together and carrying out the event. They recruited Riley Carney, a 17 year old author, to be our speaker. She did a wonderful job, showing the girls how they can do anything they can want with their lives. In addition to the speaker, each Troop was responsible for putting together a display about a woman that made a difference in the world. All the girls took turns telling other girls about the woman their Troop selected and hearing about all the woman the other Troops selected. We had displays on: Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Clara Barton, J. K. Rowling, Mildred Didrikson Zaharias, St. Theresa, Jane Goodall, Sacajawea, Mary Ann Hawkins, Helen Keller, Hedy Lamarr, Ruth Wakefield and Joan of Arc. We had over 100 girls in attendance and they had a great time.