First Day of School

For everyone but Talia, today was the first day of school. Falyn was so excited to be going to kindergarten. She had a great time and just loves her new teacher. Jared and Riley are in 3rd grade and have the same teacher they had in kindergarten. They both think this will be a great year. Aidan started 5th grade and has a teacher Kayli had for both 4th and 5th grade. She is just wonderful and I know Aidan will do great with her as his teacher this year. Kayli is in 8th grade, which is will be the last year for her at this school. She is excited about all the fun things she gets do do this year as an 8th grader, especially the 8th grade sweatshirts and DC trip.

All ready for her first day of Kindergarten.

I am going to try to remember to do a shot like this each year for Falyn.

At her table.

Jared and Riley all set for 3rd grade.

With their backpacks. We let them both have black shoes this year, with Jared having white shoelaces.

Aidan all set for 5th grade.

With his backpack.

Kayli all set for 8th grade.

With her backpack.