I Had the Scare of My Life at the Park Today

Kayli was supposed to be watching Jared while I went with Aidan to get the sand toys. Kayli’s idea of watching him was to let him climb up this ladder thing and to stand at the top of it waiting for him. I see him from across the park and yell at her that he can’t be on that and to get him down. She starts arguing with me tha the did it before just fine. I am of course too far away to get to him before he falls, from the very top. It is about 5 feet off of the ground and above sand.

I run over to get him and when I pick him up he is all limp and his eyes are rolling back in his head. I am totally freaking out and about to yell for someone to call 911. He then comes out of it and starts crying. It was likely no more than 10 seconds or so before he started crying but it seemed to last much, much longer. I look all over his body and feel all over his head looking for injuries. He has a big red mark on his bottom, but other than that there didn’t seem to be any marks anywhere on him. I think he landed on his bottom first then on his back and that knocked the breath out of him. After me holding him for about five minutes, he got down and was running all around like nothing had happened. He was eating and drinking too.

When we got home, I called our pediatrician and they wanted to check him over just to be sure nothing was wrong. The Dr. looked him over and said that she thinks he is fine but to watch his diaper for any blood. When we got back I feed him lunch and put him to bed for his nap. The Dr. said to let her know if he sleeps longer than normal.

I think he must have landed on his guardian angel to end up with no marks at all on his body after falling that far. Thank God that he is alright!

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