Van Rear-Ended

I was stopped at a red light on the way home from picking Falyn up at preschool. Out of nowhere a truck driven by a 17 year old girl rammed into the back of my van. Falyn immediately started crying and saying her neck hurt. My neck hurt also, but my main concern was for Falyn. I wasn’t going to stand in the middle of the street where someone else could hit me, so I pulled over out of the way of traffic. I then immediately called the police. Since Falyn was complaining about her neck I had them send the paramedics. The firemen arrived first and check Falyn out. They said she was in no immediate danger but that I should take her to her doctor to get checked out. By then the police arrived. I told them what happened and after they took down all of my information they told me I was free to go. I went home and immediately got an appointment for Falyn. I called Dan and got him to pick all the rest of the kids up from school while I took Falyn to the doctor. I also called and got myself an appointment for tomorrow to get checked out by my doctor. The doctor examined Falyn’s neck and Falyn cried out in pain when she touched a certain point in her neck. The doctor said that is not where they want to see pain and that because of that she had to send her for x-rays. Falyn did really well, standing still for all five x-rays. The doctor is suppose to call to let me know the x-ray results.

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