$250 to be in the show?!?!?!

Talia and Kayli started a hip-hop class yesterday. After the class, the teacher talked with the “new parents” about the show. They are talking the class through the city. It is at a dance studio very near where we live. The students who sign up through the city end up joining an on-going class at the studio. This class is doing a show at the end of the month. To be in the show you have to buy two program ads per student ($25 per ad), buy 5 tickets per student ($10 a ticket) and buy a tank top “costume” for them to wear at the show ($25 each). It all ads up to $250 if I want them both to do the show. I didn’t even have to think about it. The girls will have had 4 classes before this show. It is completely ridiculous to pay that much money so they can be in a show. The girls thought it was crazy to have to pay that much to do the show too, so they aren’t upset about. They do like the hip-hop class though!

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  1. That is insane. You will find though that if they continue with dance they are going to soak you for all you’re worth. Costumes especially, they can be 100 bucks each sometimes. We actually stopped dance because I was not going to pay out all these little fees everwhere.

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