Falyn’s Baptism

Falyn was baptized today. There were a lot of babies Baptized at the ceremony, around a dozen or so, but I didn’t count. Father Bruce did the ceremony. About half the Baptisms were preformed in Spanish. Our church has a very large Spanish and Vietnamese population. It is always interesting to participate in a multi-language ceremony.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of the people there had never set foot in a church before. Their behavior was appalling! The people in front of us were talking the entire time and standing up in the aisle taking picture during the ceremony! They were not even paying any attention to the priest. At one point he asked that everyone put away the cameras and join him in a prayer for the children. I don’t think they even heard him say that! They kept right on taking pictures and talking. I felt it was horribly disrespectful and know of several other priests that would not have put up with that behavior and let them know just how disrespectful they were being.

Falyn was sound asleep when I handed her to the priest for her Baptism. She seem quite surprised by the entire thing, but didn’t cry at all. They gave you the choice of doing full immersion or not, and we chose to have full immersion. Chantel took the pictures for us and captured her Baptism really well. We had a BBQ at our house after the ceremony. Then we all went swimming over at the Pauly’s house. It was Falyn’s first time in a pool! I don’t have any pictures, because there was no way to juggle a camera, the baby and keep an eye on all the kids in the pool all at the same time. She did really enjoy it though!

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