A Taste of Life with Triplets

For the past two weeks, I have been watching my neighbor’s 18 month old while she takes my older three children to swim class. Three toddlers are much harder to keep up with than two. One starts pulling CD’s off the CD rack, you go to pick those up, while another one gets into drawers in the kitchen and starts dumping stuff on the floor there, before you can get the CD’s put back and get to the kitchen to get that one out of the drawer, the thrid has gotten into the bathroom and is running off with the girl’s toothbrushes. It is exhausting! Having the play in the backyard seems to work out best. They are contained and there isn’t much trouble they can get into back there. It is fun to watch how J&R interact with JP. J&R are so much alike and they expect JP to respond in the same manner that their twin would. The other day JP had two kid k’nex sticks. Jared wanted one and could not understand why JP was not giving it to him. Whenever J or R has two of something and the other one comes up to him, they will always give one of the objects to their twin. For the most part, J&R are usually playing to together and JP is off doing his own thing. J&R also communicate a lot in their own “twins speak” type language. JP has been picking up their “language”. The speech therapist that came out to evaluate J&R recently said that they need to be around other kids their age that communicate better than them so they will start to mimic the better speech. Looks like just the opposite happened with JP!

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