How to get play-doh out of a screen door

Today I learned how to get play-doh out of a screen door. Why would I want to know such an arcane piece of knowledge you ask? I’m sure you probably guessed it had something to do with the twins and you would be right. This morning I got the baby asleep and took out the play-doh for the twins to play with. I’ve told them more times than I can count that play-doh has to stay at the table. They’ve been really good about keeping it there lately so I though it would be safe not to sit right there with them the entire time. After getting them settled, I decided to plant the two plants that the twins got at the end of Sunday school last year which have grown so much that they are taking over my kitchen. It only took me a few minutes to plan them out front. During that time, both twins had flattened some play-doh and pressed it into the front screen door. They of course did this on the lower half of the screen which has a metal grate on the other side, further complicating matters. After trying to scrape it off in between the metal grate, I grabbed the vacuum cleaner. The combination of scraping and the vacuum cleaner was able to remove most of it and I got the rest by wiping it off with a wash cloth. The boys got a long time out – having to sit there until I got it all cleaned up. And, they don’t get to play with play-doh for the next few days. Hopefully, they will remember to never do that again.

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  1. Oh, no!
    I (mean mommy that I am) actually made a “no playdough” rule in my house. This is partially because I got sick of cleaning it out of places it wasn’t supposed to be, but mostly because I cannot stand the smell of it.

    But for future reference, it’s MUCH easier to clean up if you can stand to let it dry wherever it is. It shrinks and can be vacuumed…

    I don’t know how you do it with six kids… My three keep me hopping!

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