Aidan Cut the Twins Hair

Yesterday afternoon while I was helping Kayli with her homework downstairs, Aidan was upstairs cutting the twins hair. He did a chop job on all the hair in the front of Riley’s head. I must have caught him right when he started on Jared’s since he only cut a bit out of the front of Jared’s head. I can comb Jared’s hair so that it is barely noticeable, but Riley’s is a mess! I don’t know what to do with it. Aidan now has no toys in his room and won’t be getting any back till the twins’ hair grows back. I have no idea where he got the scissors, probably out of the girls room. They have been confiscated and are now out of reach. Hopefully not having his beloved bionicles for a while will drive the point home with Aidan that he better not ever cut anyone’s hair again.

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