Why I vote Republican

I posted this earlier today in response to a thread asking people to post why they are voting one way or another. I wanted to save my reponse so that I can add to it later on.

I have been a republican all my life and have never seen any reason to change that. I don’t always agree with everything they stand for, but I do agree with all the major platforms.

I am very pro-life and against any policy that cause the unnatural death of any individual – unborn, sick, disabled or aged. I see this as a very slippery slope. I was reading an article about how in the Neatherlands it is now okay for a doctor to kill a sick child in the hospital without the parents consent. I hear all the liberals says “that could never happen here” – I’m sure a lot of people that lived in the Neatherlands 50 years okay would have said the same about their country then.

I am against same sex marriages. Marriage has been defined for thousands of years as being between a man and a women. I find no compelling reason to change that now.

I am for a strong national defense. The best defenses is a good offense. In this current world climate dominated by irrational terrorist, you have to be on the offense all the time. I do not want to see the USA bow down to the influence of other countries. This is our country and only *we* can decide how best to defend her.

I believe it is much better to spend tax dollars to help train people so that they can get good paying jobs and support themselves. The latest changes to the welfare program are doing just that. The culture of sustained welfare only served to create entire generations of people that were enslaved by welfare. It is far better to teach these people how to help themselves rather than continue to give them a hand-out for doing nothing.

I am for school vouchers. The public schools have lots of problems. Why should it only be the people that can afford private schools that get to send their kids there? What better way to help them than to give them a good education at a private school? If the public schools can’t do a good enough job of educating our kids, then I see no reason not to use tax dollars to send them to private schools.

I am against socialized medicine. I do not want the government telling me what doctors I can go to and when. When I want medical care, I want to be able to choose when and where I get it. I do not want to get stuck in a wait list and end up dying because I couldn’t get seen by a doctor soon enough. I do not want all the good doctors to quit because they can no longer get the salary that they currently enjoy. I do not want good young people to decide not to go into medicine because it is not worth all the effort due to the small governement dictated salaries.

I am for less government, not more. It is rare to see the government get involved in anything and actually do a good job of fixing things. Government bureaucracy is such that you can not achieve any sort of efficiency that can rival the private sector. Besides, I would just really prefer that that the government stay out of my life as much as possible.

A lot of my positions are based on my morals, which are founded in my religious beliefs. Nothing is going to change that. I believe laws should be based on morals. Long stand morals that have been in common to diverse groups of individuals over many, many generations.


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