March Cotillion

Kayli had her March cotillion yesterday. It is always fun to watch the kids dancing. They learned the Irish Jig, since is was almost St. Patrick’s day. For the game, they had to dance with balloons between them. They started with one balloon, then moved on to two, three, four and finally five! I was amazed that Kayli and her partner where able to do four and didn’t think they would make it with five. But they were both very determined and ended up winning! Kayli was so excited to finally win a game at cotillion. She picked out a cute brown bunny and named him Cha-Cha, since that was the dance they had to do for the game. After cotillion, Kayli and I went out to dinner at Islands. It was nice having dinner with just the two of us. Kayli commented on how nice and quiet it was eating without the boys.

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