The Saga of the Slab

The slab of our house is wet and has been since July of last year. We have had three plumbers come out and say we have no pipe leaks and have been at a loss as to what to do about this problem. It is a problem because it caused my wood floor to buckle and you can see water stains in the edges of some of the planks. I don’t want to fix it till I solve the problem.

Well, I was chattiing with a neighbor (three houses up) and it turns out that she has a huge pond in her back yard that looses a foot of water each day. Her DH fills it back up each day and it looses all that water again. Add to that, my next door neighbor (one house up) has a spa that also leaks. We are getting inundated with water from these two peoples leaky pond and spa! I am almost 100% certain that is what is causing our problem. We are going to see if we can put some sort of barrier and drainage in on that side of the house.

Is it just me, or wouldn’t you fix it if you had a pond or spa that was leaking like that????

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