Doctor visit for the oldest and the youngest

Talia’s finger was not better, so I brought her along to Falyn’s recheck appointment today. Since Falyn’s rash had completely gone away yesterday, I gave her the antiobiotic this morning. By the time we got to her appointment, she had a rash again. So, it looks like she is may be allergic to amoxicillin. Although the bronchitis is all better, she does still have an ear infection. Because of that, the doctor went ahead and gave us another prescription for a different antibiotic. They will wait to recheck her ear till her 15 month appointment next month.

The doctor looked at Talia’s finger and wanted to have it x-rayed to make sure it was not broken. The nurse put a splint on the finger and we had to drive to another location to get the x-ray done. Falyn was not happy waiting there. She was getting tired and hungry and was very cranky. I gave her some rice puffs, but it didn’t seem to help. She kept having screaming fits. After about an hour there, we finally got the x-ray take. The good news is that it is not broken. She needs to wear the splint through the weekend, then start trying to use it again. No softball practice for her today and she may not be able to play at the next game on Tuesday either. Hopefully it will start to feel better soon.

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  1. My oldest and youngest are both allergic to amoxicillin! Did you see the pics of M. on my blog with her rash/reaction? scary!

    What’s happening in remodel-land? 🙂 I hope your weather has been better than ours.

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