I can’t believe this!

I am so furious right now! She told her insurance company that I swirved into her lane! She also said she “hit a bump” and swirved into my lane. I am such an idiot for not calling the police to have a report filed. Silly me believed her when she said it was all her fault and apologized.

My insurance guy said she told her insurance that she crossed over the line into my lane, which is pretty much her saying she did it. He said they will fight it and it will take months to work out.

BTW, on the way home I looked and there is no bump in the road where she hit me. So, she lied about that too. Clearly she was just going to fast and not paying attention to where she was going.


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  1. Ohhh….
    I know how that goes–when I was pregnant with c., I pulled up behind a woman at a stop sign and she put her car into reverse and backed into me. In COURT she said that I rear-ended her. ugh!

    live and learn 🙁

    so sorry…

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