Falyn’s 2 Year Check-up

Falyn had her two year old check-up today. As soon as we started walking back to the examining room, she started screaming. Since she is so big, we had to weigh her on the big kid scales. The scale had a bunch of stickers on the bottom, including a bunch of Carebear ones. Falyn adores Carebears and stopped crying when she say them. I told the nurse how much Falyn loves Carebears and the nurse went and got her several Carebear stickers. She held onto them the entire time we where there and was happy playing with them. She especially liked the ones that had a picture of one of the Carebears she has at home.

She started crying again as soon as the doctor came in to examine her. We managed to get her to stop and she was good for the rest of examine. She only had to have one shot and did cry from that, but was happy again soon after because the nurse brought her more Carebear stickers.

The doctor said that she is doing just great. She weighed 30.5 pounds and is around 34 inches tall. That put her around the 90th percentile for weight and 80th for height. She will go back when she turns three for her next check-up.

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