Falyn’s First Trip to Disneyland

My FIL had two left over So Cal Disney tickets from when his sisters visited last week and offered them to me. They had used them to visit California Adventure and they were still good for Disneyland, but had to be used this week or they would expire. Since I was planning on buying an annual passport this year, I jumped at the change to use his passes. I was able to apply the cost of the ticket to my annual passport! I am planning on taking Falyn this year with the other kids are at school. Since she is only 2, she still gets in free.

Anyway, Kayli used the other ticket and the three of us headed off to Disneyland early in the morning at got there around 9:30 am. Falyn was terrified of the tram ride from the parking lot to the park, hanging on to me for dear life the entire ride. I was afraid she would be scared of all the rides, but it turned out that this was the only ride (other than the monorail) that she was terrified of.

After getting my annual pass, we headed off to the carousel. The “horsey” as Falyn called the ride, turned out to be her favorite ride by far.

After the carousel, we went to Toontown. There we rode the Roger Rabbit ride.

After the Toontown, we went on the teacups. Falyn thought it was great fun!

After the teacups, we headed over to Tomorrowland and had a pizza lunch. We then went to Adventureland and rode the Winny the Pooh Ride. Falyn loved that ride!

Next we went on the Monorail. Falyn again held on to me for dear life during this ride. I have no idea why she would be so scared of this and the tram ride. She loved looking at the train, but we decided not to take her on it this time.

The Snow White Ride.

Then back the Horseyes.

And the Pinocchio ride.

We then waiting in line for about a 1/2 hour for the Peter Pan ride. During that wait, Falyn fell asleep in my arms. I was surprised she lasted that long! By then it was hours past her normal nap time. She did wake up when it was our turn though.

After that we headed back to Adventureland hoping to go on Pirates. When we got there, we saw there was no line on the Haunted House, so we went on that.

When we got off that ride, there was still a long line for Pirates, but we decided to go ahead and wait in it anyway. It said it was a 1/2 hour wait, but it turned out to only be 15 minutes. Falyn was a bit scared on the dips and from the cannon fire noise. But she said it was fun when we were finished.

After Pirates, we left the park and took some pictures with the “CALIFORNIA” letters.

During the tram ride back we got Falyn saying “It not scary, it fun!”. She was still holding on tightly to me, but didn’t seem so scared this time.

All in all, we had a great time. We were there till around 5:15 pm. I was surprised we got to go on so many rides. Our strategy was to only go on rides with very short lines, which seemed to work out well for us. I did learn that I need an umbrella type stroller to take Falyn by myself. Our regular stroller is too hard to manage with Falyn by myself. (Can’t pick up Falyn with one arm and the stroller with the other.) I’ll look into getting on next week. My pass is only good for a few more days, and I only have a few more chances to use it before the twins get out of school. It is not good for most of the summer, which isn’t a time I would want to go anyway.

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