My New Toy

I’ve been looking for a solution to my calendar/organization problem. I think I found the answer in my new iTouch. It can synch to my calendar and email with my iMac, store music, video and photos, access the internet and serve as a GPS with built in google maps and I downloaded this awesome free app last night called Stanza that lets you read books (keeping track of where you left off in each one) and even download a ton of free ones.

It is pretty much exactly like an iPhone without the monthly fee. It accesses internet via wi-fi. It does not have a camera, but then the one on the iPhone isn’t that great anyway. Sure, it cost twice as much to buy, but will end up being way cheaper when you take into account the monthly fees. My pay-as-you-go phone costs me $100 for a year and works just great fo what I use it for. No way I want to pay almost as much per month as I pay now for a year.


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