Riley Swallowed a Chuck-E-Cheese Token

Don’t ask my why a 6 year old had a Chuck-E-Cheese token in his mouth or why they had a Chuck-E-Cheese token upstairs at all. I have no idea! Riley said he was trying to give it to Aidan. In his mouth??? Makes no sense to me at all.

The older five kids have off school today for Veterans Day, so they are all home. Falyn still has school. I came down with some sort of flu bug last night, so Dan took off work to help out and was taking Falyn to school when this happened. I was lying on the couch trying to rest when I heard Riley making coughing and gagging sounds upstairs. I asked him what was wrong and he kept screaming that he swallowed a coin. Since he was screaming, I decided he wasn’t in any danger of chocking to death from it. I had him drink some water to see if that would help. About that time Dan got back home and called the doctor. She said that unless it was stuck in his throat, it should pass through him with no side effects. He kept saying it was stuck in his throat, but we think his throat was just irritated from the coin going down. After having some bread and drinking some more water, he seems pretty much fine. I do think he learned not to put anything but food in his mouth from now on though.

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