Falyn’s New Racecar Bed

When we moved the twins from their racecar toddler beds to bunk beds, Falyn said she wanted one of their beds. Some people thought we were nuts to put a racecar bed into a princess room, but that is the bed she really wanted. She used to play on the beds when they were in the twins rooms. She would also climb into them at night and tell us she wanted to sleep there. We finally got around to moving her from her crib to the toddler bed today. She was so excited to get a racecar bed in her room. She did so well! She slept in it for the first time today during her nap. When put her in the bed and she went right to sleep! I was so amazed that she didn’t get up a bunch of times before falling asleep. She did the same thing when we put her to bed tonight. This has been the easiest crib to bed transistion of any of my kids. We had such a hard time when we moved the twins to beds that I was really dragging my feet on moving her to a bed. It took months before the twins would go in their beds, stay in them and go right to sleep. I am so happy that Falyn goes right to sleep in her new bed.

Here’s a few more pictures:

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