Falyn Painted Herself With Fingernail Polish

While I was helping Kayli with her state float project and Talia with her science fair display board, Falyn was upstairs in her room painting her fingernails, toenails and legs with Talia’s fingernail polish. Normally, Talia keeps her fingernail polish put up so that Falyn can not get into it. However, Talia had left it out this morning after the girls used it last night during Talia’s slumber party. I told Talia this morning to put it up so that Falyn would not get into it. She moved it, but did not put it away and Falyn found it. Luckily, Falyn did not decide to paint her bedroom floor or her furniture. I asked her why she painted her legs in addition to her fingernails and toenails. Her only answer was that she wanted too. It took almost an hour of scrubbing in the bathtub to get it off her legs. Hopefully Talia will listen when I tell her to put something away in the future.

Here’s some more pictures:

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