Open House Night – 2009

The kid’s school had it’s annual open house last night. It is always such fun to see all the work the kids have done on display. We started out visiting the twins kindergarten class.

Here’s the twins with their class quilt that will be auctioned off at the school fund raiser.

Here’s the twins with their teacher, Miss Hellbusch.

We next headed over to the junior high rooms to check out Talia’s work. Here’s some of that work.

Here “Movers and Shakers” project.

A writing/art project.

Math usage in a career project.

We then went over to Kayli’s class to check out all the state floats. Kayli was thrilled to discover that she won 3rd place for most creative. I was especially proud of her because she did about 98% of her project all on her own and the entire idea for her project was hers. That was not the case with a lot of the other winning projects, with the parents doing more of the work on the project than the child.

Here’s a picture of Kayli with her teacher Mrs. Mullin.

Next we went to the computer lab and took a family picture.

We then had to split up with Dan taking Talia over to find out the Science Fair results. Talia was so pleased to find out she got a 3rd place! She did her project on which classroom at the school was the hottest and coldest. She took morning and afternoon temperatures of each class once a week for three months. She determined that the main factor on how hot or cold each classroom was was based on the behavior of the teachers. When and whether or not they opened windows was the main factor driving the room temperatures.

While Dan was in the hall with Talia, I took the rest of the kids to the 2nd grade rooms to check out Aidan’s work.

Here’s a picture of Aidan with his teacher Miss McKinley.

Here’s Aidan with the volcano he made. He did the paper mache and painted it all himself. The only help he had was in shaping the chicken wire for the base of the paper mache.

Falyn was excited to see her friend Sarah in the 2nd grade room. (Sarah’s big sister is in Aidan’s class.)

We next went to check out the autobiographies in the 6th grade rooms, so Kayli could get some ideas for the autobiography that she has to do next year. Then we met back up with Dan and Talia and headed off to Cherry On Top for a yogurt treat (and school fund raiser) to finish up the night.

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