28 Week Appointment

I had my 28 week appointment on Friday. I was suppose to go on Thursday, but Dan totally forgot about it and didn’t show up to watch the kids. They put me in a room with an u/s machine, so the dr did a quick u/s and I got to see the baby again. She is still a she! Everything looked great. She is breach, which I pretty much knew already since the kicks are all mostly low. It doesn’t really matter since I’m having a scheduled c-section anyway, but the dr said they do like to know that before surgery.

He also said that my one hour GTT came back “a bit high”. Turns out it was 137, which is exactly what it always is. They changed the cut off from 140 three years ago to 135 two years ago to 133 now. He wants me to do the three hour test, but I very likely will “forget” to go have it done. I have no sympomts at all of GD, and do tend to by hypoglycemic anyway. Fasting all night, going three hours with no food and just that glucose will very likely cause me to black out.

My iron also was a bit low, which I expected. So, he wants me to take more iron. He also suggested taking Omega-3 since one study showed that it helps brain development.

My next appointment is Jan. 6 when I will be almost 33 weeks. That means it will be only 6 weeks from then that the baby will be born!


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